Black Desert Mobile 4.6.18 – Fantastic graphic game “Black Desert” for Android
a controversial and unique title in RPG style with exemplary and incredible graphics
tested by running online

Black Desert Mobile – Black Desert is the name of the mobile version of the famous game Black Desert Online by PEARL ABYSS from South Korea, which was released in May 2017 through the Steam Store for home computers (PC), and after nearly 3 years, the mobile version It was also ported and rebuilt by the same manufacturer so that the unique quality and exciting style of this game can be experienced on smart phones this time! Mod Free File as the first Indian website, As soon as this game is released, it has been prepared and reviewed and has been prepared for free download by the dear users of the site. Black Desert Mobile is actually one of the best games made in terms of graphics. The graphic details and designs of this game are even better than many games of the seventh generation consoles! Numerous optimizations that have been made to these designs have made this game just like a console title. PEARL ABYSS worked on this version for more than 2 years to be able to provide the final output in the best possible way. The result of this work and great effort has been a controversial, well-made and professional game. It should be said that in the construction and development of this game, every item and element that can turn a game into a powerful and popular title has been used. PEARL ABYSS claims that the graphics of the mobile version are almost the same as the original version. This is while the original version is an eighth generation game.




Black Desert Mobile Game AdventuresIt takes place in a world full of myths and fantasies. In a world where the eye works, there are heroes and supernatural beings. Starting the game, you have to choose your desired character from among several main characters that are categorized in different classes. After choosing your character, you can completely personalize him! This part of the game is amazing and unique! You can manage everything from hairstyles, eyebrows, face, eyes and تا to color, cover and accessories in your personality. In this section, the game view is zoomed in so that players can see the full details. In this case, you will realize the level of graphic details of this game! Once you have approved the necessary personalizations, you can enter the Open World game world and explore different lands and complete various missions. Many features and items can be seen in the gameplay section. For example, you can ride a horse and move fast, or find legendary weapons and find special missions by finding various sources. You can set up a personal camp and do a lot of side activities such as fishing or raising wild animals. The game also has a section for PvP competitions that is being developed. Black Desert Mobile is a very professional and high level game due to its various features and sections.Mod Free File, by preparing and publishing this game, invites you to download one of the most graphic Android games for free and tested from the end of this article.

important points :

جدا No separate offline data available for this game; Game data is received after the first run. The size of this data is something from 3 to 6 gigs. So make sure you have at least 3 GB of free space in the internal memory.
● Due to the high graphics and high volume of the game, to install it requires high-end devices with at least 64-bit 8-core processors, 4 GB of RAM and a powerful GPU. The game may be installed and run on weaker devices, but in this case, a lot of lag and frame drop will be associated with the game.