How to use the canvas:

1. Start from scratch or with a ready-made
design Create a design with our blank canvas to save time and use any of our 60,000 free templates created by professional designers to You can use your masterpiece designer and logo maker, poster and movie editor.

2. Use the full image
Upload images and videos from your device gallery or use our library of top photos and images to create great logos, posters and videos.

3. Edit and add text to photos or videos
You can easily add different quotes or text to any graphic and use more than 500 options to change the font and even, size, Change color, distance and position.

4. Image Editing Like a pro,
use the free image editor to apply photo filters, change brightness, add giants and more.

If you also want to become a professional in this field, then get started and download Canva Graphic Design Video Invite & Logo Maker from the Android website.