HE CROWN & THE FLAME, BOOK : Enemies have invaded your territory, it is time to fight and defeat the enemy.


** Build military forces
** Get powerful weapons ** Choose
between strong cannons and powerful armor
** Defeat your enemies

Dress up and impress others
** Make new friends and go on adventures

More About Choices: Stories You Play Game

Choices: Stories You Play is a popular, fun and lovable game in the style of simulation games from Pixelberry Gaming Studio for Android, which has been released for free and has been downloaded about 50 million times by users around the world to date. You friends, The latest update with the mode is available for download and in front of you! In the interesting game Choices: Stories You Play, a choice can change everything! Fall in love, play a detective or go on an adventure in antiquity; In the form of illustrated stories, with the difference that you determine how the story goes! Stories such as freshman, chased, crown and flame and… are included in the heart of the game, which is available in the form of various books and you can experience them!

The style of the game is simulation and clicking, in which you can advance the story just by clicking, and according to many people, in addition to entertaining this game, you can strengthen your English language to an acceptable level! Choices: Stories You Play has been selected as one of the most popular games of the year and can nail your phone for days in a fun environment!