Cooking Fever Latest Mod Apk 11.1.0 (Unlimited Coins, Gems)

Cooking Fever Latest Mod Apk 11.1.0
(Unlimited Coins, Unlimited Gems)

App Information 

App Name Cooking Fever APK
Developed By Nordcurrent
Current Version 11.1.0
Size 107 MBs
Latest Updated February 2, 2021
Worldwide Downloads 100,000,000+
Category Arcade
Get it On Google Play Store

Description of Cooking Fever

Cooking is my passion. I like to bake food as well as eat my cooked stuff. Yeah! It seems funny. Whenever I am at home and I have nothing to do then I start cooking something for my family and friends. Being a chef is the aim of millions of people in the world and I am one of them. Unfortunately, most of them can’t get their aim because of low resources. I am not a chef. It is sad because I have to do another job for sake of money. I wish to be a good chef serving his customers the best quality, yummy and delicious food.

One of my friends told me about cooking games on smartphones. I was desperately in search of this kind of game for my android mobile phone. Then, I opened Google Play Store and found an Apk named Cooking Fever. As I already told you that I love to cook. It is no wrong to say that I have a fever for cooking fast food. So, without any hesitation, I clicked the app to download it on my android phone. I played the game and loved each and every part of it. I am sure you will not believe that I am playing Cooking Fever Apk for one year without missing even one day.

About Cooking Fever Apk:

The life of a Chef is not easy as he has to serve many customers at a time without being late. One late order delivery can spoil his life. The Game Apk takes you closer to reality and you will feel the difficulty that a chef faces while serving customers in the kitchen. 

Cooking Fever is very well known in the modern world of gaming where everybody is looking for some friendly games on their handy phone to enjoy and spend their spare time. Cooking games help you to practice cooking various fast foods and let you sharpen your cooking skills. Moreover, these kinds of games teach you numerous recipes. Learn as well as entertain yourself through the top cooking game Apk for Smartphone.

Cooking is one of the most important parts of life without which we can’t survive. People from all around the world like to cook varieties of food. There are two types of people in the world. Some people cook food because of their survival purpose while other people cook food just for fun. Cooking is a sort of hobby which is adopted by millions of people on the earth. In Cooking Fever Game, you can freely decorate your kitchen and restaurant. Upgrading interior design in the game is the most entertaining thing to do.

 Why Cooking Fever Apk?

Some people like to cook food but they are not able to do it. They are always in search of something that can give them a real feel of cooking food in the kitchen. So, we have an android and iOS phone Apk in which players can freely cook food according to their taste. Cooking Fever Application teaches you how you can be a good chef.

Cooking Fever App can make you a good chef. In this cooking game, people come to your shop and give you an order of their required food. You see the order and start baking the ingredients which are going to use in completing the final product. After the ingredients have baked you arranged them according to the final shape of the product and give the fully cooked product to the customer. After this customer gives you money and if you complete the order before the given time you also get a tip.

Time Management! Basic skill in the game

If you are playing the Cooking Fever Game on your phone and you want to become a successful chef, then overpowering the time management ability is a requirement. The most focusing point in the Cooking Fever game is Time Management. Time management is not only concentrating point in this game but also an essential aspect to manage things in a busy life. In this game, you can’t compromise on the time given by customers to deliver orders. In case, if you serve an order to your customer after the given time, he/she will become angry and will leave your shop.

Furthermore, you will lose stars and ratings. Another basic task in the game is to keep a proper eye on the baking time of the food ingredients like chicken petty. If you don’t pick food from the stove, it will get roasted. You can use such ingredients in the food for customers and you have to throw it in the dustbin.

Cooking Fever: Girls Favorite Game 

Most girls don’t like to play action and shooting games. They love to play such games having quite a peaceful environment. Cooking is actually a hobby for girls. Many girls are housewives and they do nothing but cook food for the whole family. So, they are  interested in cooking games apps like Cooking Fever.

Cooking Fever is a family-friendly game and people of all ages & all genders can enjoy the world’s best cooking game. Kids can play sitting with their parents without any hesitation.

Graphics & Levels in Cooking Fever Game Apk:

Cooking Fever is a 2D simulation game having attractive and worth-seeing graphics. Smooth graphics is another reason why people love to download and play this cooking game.

There is no game Apk on Play Store or iOS without levels or missions. Both the levels and mission are the same thing which are actually pre-installed tasks in the game. I have completed many levels of the Cooking Fever Apk but I failed so many times as the higher levels are much difficult. Only a fast chef can complete the level. As we move to higher levels, the number of customers increases and it is very tricky to deal with all of them at the same time.

Play fast and complete cooking levels. Try again with improved gameplay if you fail to complete the task. In the Cooking Fever Game, there are About 400 levels to complete, and they require you to play the game for several hours. Completing levels is a way to earn diamonds and coins.

Different Locations and View:

With the change of levels, you will find new locations and kitchen views in the Cooking Fever Mod APK. Completing different levels in the same location looks boring. However, there are more than 15 different locations in Cooking Fever Mod Apk which provide a play pleasant and attractive environment to cook various foods.

Different Foods to Cook:

Believe me, it is so much fun to cook different stuff of food in this cooking game. Sometimes, your customer demands a simple burger while sometimes he demands a cheeseburger, petty burger, or burger with vegetables inside. They will only accept the burger that fulfills their requirements. Otherwise, they will reject it and you have to throw the burger in a bin. Throwing some cooked food in dust bin results in loss of points that affects starts of the level.

Moreover, in Cooking Fever Mod Apk, players can cook more than 400 delicious & tasty recipes that include more than 150 ingredients.

What is Mod Version of Cooking Fever Apk?

Every game on Play Store and App Store has some basic ingredients without which players can’t play the game on their smartphones. Like Energy and Game Money. Players need both things to start any mission in android games. Energy is needed to start a mission while money is required to buy things in-game. Energy refills automatically after a specific period and coins are won by completing levels and missions of the game. But, players don’t want to wait until energy gets a refill.

So, a cranked version of such apps is developed that allows you to get unlimited energy and coins. Mod Version of Cooking Fever Apk is on-demand and it provides unlimited Money like Gold and Diamonds.

Mod Info:

In the Mod version of Cooking Fever Apk, the players will get many worth-playing features from which some are mentioned below:

1) Unlimited Gold Coins

Enjoy never-ending and unlimited gold coins in cooking fever mod apk

2) Unlimited Diamonds

Enjoy never-ending and unlimited diamonds in cooking fever Mod Apk


How to Get Cooking Fever Mod Apk on Phone?

Download Cooking Fever to amuse yourself by cooking tempting and pleasant dishes. To play cooking fever Apk (excluding mod features), just visit the Google play store and download it from there. But if you want to enjoy cooking fever with mod features like unlimited coins and diamonds read further.

For all the lovers of Cooking Fever Mod Apk, we have put a quick download link that will allow you to get the Cooking Fever game application on your mobile phone. Simply, click on it and take the first step to entertain yourself with the most engaging family-friendly game on the Google Play Store.

Screenshots of Cooking Fever Android game


Download Links

Download Mod Apk (107MB)


My last words for cooking fever Apk are as sweet as the features of the game. I have a great experience of playing cooking games. After I finished playing this game I experienced a lot of good things in cooking fever mod Apk. I concluded that this game is not only developed to entertain the players but also make them able to be a professional chef. Through the cooking fever game application, I also come to know the importance of time management. Regards!

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