Dirty Revolver v4.1.0 + Mod – Exciting action game “Bloody Seven” for Android
, purchased and full version of the game for $ 0.99, presented to you
, tested with offline performance

Application Information

Name Dirty Revolver
Version 4.1.0
Last Update 2 may ,22
Android version required 4.1
Need to root No
Requires data No

Description Of Dirty Revolver

Dirty Revolver – Bloody Revolver  is an incredibly beautiful and exciting action game that is offered for $ 1 by the Turkish studio Dreambox Visual Communications for Android phones and tablets. We are proud to announce that Farsroid is the first site among all Iranian sitesHas provided this game completely exclusively and has provided the full and paid version for free download. Dirty Revolver, also known as Rusty Revolver, is a fully action-packed Wild West-themed shooting game. In this game, your aiming and shooting skills will be challenged. The shape and image of the game and its characterization and even its graphic design style are adaptations of the popular and revolutionary Red Dead Redemption game series. Although by no means should we expect a game the size of eighth generation games, the fact is that Dirty Revolver with its unique and attractive structure can fill some of the gaps of such games well in mobile phones. And fill today’s tablets. The game is designed in which players can only aim and shoot. It is not possible to move and move around, and if you need to move, the game character will do it automatically. By default, the player is in cover mode (digging behind an object, wall or obstacle) and as soon as he hits the shoot button, he will get up and shoot.




In the game Dirty RevolverEach step is followed in a specific location. The game is followed in 4 different cities and in each city you will pass special missions in different parts of that city. According to the game’s story, which is an epic and heroic story, you play the role of a man whose small town was destroyed by the forces of a famous bandit named Wesley when he was a child. In this sudden attack, the main character of the game loses all family members except his father. He lived in the mountains with his father for many years and was trained in shooting and fighting. Finally, after a short time, he also loses his father, and now his whole being is filled with resentment and a sense of revenge. The protagonist embarks on a dangerous journey and enters the realm of Wesley’s enemies and forces, and decides to take revenge on his family by killing each and every one of these criminals. In Dirty Revolver, you have to use your shooting skills in stages where there are dozens of enemies and eliminate enemies one after another. Destroying the enemy will earn you some money. After completing the steps, you can go to the Inventory section and buy better weapons or newer clothes. Dirty Revolver game has very good details in terms of graphics and 3D modeling and attention to environmental details in it is amazing. For example, heavy snowfall and foggy weather is one of these beautiful and spectacular details. In addition to the usual stages, in some stages you have to ride horses to shoot at enemies. The gameplay is very dynamic and your enemies react according to the shooting location. You must aim at them to destroy them sooner. The graphic details of the game are so attractive that if you shoot them in the head but your arrow hits only their hat, the hat will be thrown over their head! Dirty Revolver is small in size but can be very exciting and lovable. If you enjoy Western style games and shooting, do not miss this beautiful game in any way, and now the exclusive and purchased version of it fromDownload Mod Free File .

Additional notes:

  1. Only run the game offline . Otherwise, the initial ads of the game will start loading and will not allow you to run the game properly.
  2. In the game mode version, your money is infinite.
  3. The game is made with the new generation of Unreal Engine 4 game engine, and there is a possibility that the game will not run on older devices, especially Android 6.0 and below.
  4. If your device does not have very powerful graphics and processor, you can reduce the amount of graphic detail in the Settings section.
  5. A new version of the game has been released without the need for data.