What is External SEO? Know more with really useful techniques!

Before we start this article and get into the intriguing discussion of external SEO, let’s quickly review one point:

Google’s goal, bringing users the best and most relevant results. Now the question is where does Google identify the best and most relevant results and rank them ?

Of course, many factors are involved in this process; Some of these factors relate to the inside of the site and help Google find your content and understand the issue. The other part, however, takes place outside of your site. Google starts researching you just like a human being . In this research, Google seeks to see how much prestige and reward you have among the people .

In today’s article, we want to talk about the second part (external SEO) and see what techniques we should use in external SEO to become the first.

The simplest definition of SEO is:

“Search Engine Optimization”

That means making our site ready for Google to find, read, and rank easily.

SEO experts have divided this optimization into two parts: internal optimization (On-page SEO) and external optimization (off-Page SEO) .

Optimization or internal SEO of the site is all the work we do inside our site, so that all pages and content of the site are optimized for the search engine.

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-page SEO is a set of off-site actions that are performed with the aim of increasing the website traffic by the target audience from various search engines (Google, Firefox, Internet explorer, etc.).

It should be noted that with external SEO , it is not the structure of our site that changes, but it is done by other reputable sites on the Internet that link to your website or promote your website, activity in forums or even social networks, and so on.

Why is external SEO important?

Although Google’s algorithms are constantly changing, the SEO community as a whole agrees that ad reporting increases domain credibility by creating three links to your site, thus helping to improve search results and having content. Appropriate, the audience will trust you.
The Moz website confirms that although we do not know all of Google’s ranking algorithms, the data show that external SEO factors are more than 50 percent involved in better ranking results.
But ad reporting is not all about external SEO, and here are some examples of external SEO techniques:

External SEO Useful Techniques

1. Sharing content on social pages

This has a great impact because today most people are active on social pages and if they see your content and like it, they can enter your site using your link.

2. Profile backlink

You can subscribe to sites that have high traffic statistics and domain reputation and put your site url in your profile. This way people who see your profile can come to your site.

3. Backlinks in the comments

On sites that are related to your business and have the opportunity to comment, you can give your expert comments in the comments section and put a link to your site.

4. Agree with influencers and webmasters to put your backlinks

Those who have a lot of followers on social media are called influencers. You can get to know them and introduce them to your business or industry and encourage them to put your link in their account or on their site. Usually webmasters get paid a lot of money if they want to advertise for low reputable sites.

5. Participate in forums

You can join the forums and if anyone has a question about your business or specialty, answer it and leave a backlink to your site for more information.

6. Produce quality content.

The key to creating natural backlinks is valuable and excellent content. If you produce your own compelling content, even large and reputable sites will use your content to give you backlinks and get your backlinks.

7. In Rajab social networks of various basins and occupations, give specialized opinions and provide users with the opportunity to comment.


8. Use photos, especially infographics.

An infographic is an image in which content is displayed in the form of a map or story or other things. This visual data is very interesting for users because it is both easily shared and people can see and understand the content in a short time. Do not forget to put your company logo on the infographic to minimize the possibility of copying.

9. Use the video for more views.

Experience has shown that users like videos very much. You can share your quality and specialized videos on websites such as Aparat or YouTube and put your site link in the video description.

10. Be thoughtful and creative.

Creative means being the first person in the field to be talented. If you create an industry, many people will definitely come to you. This is one of the best methods of foreign SEO and it is enough for you to advance your expertise only by relying on your knowledge and creativity and be in a word of your own.

11. Use interviews and podcasts.

If you are interviewing an important person such as a celebrity or someone with the title, other sites will definitely give you backlinks. If possible, you can upload a podcast or video to share more.

12. Backlinks through ad reporting

One of the most effective methods is external backlinks and SEO. Reportage is an article and textual content that comes between other articles and is one of the most common methods of advertising. You can put about 3 to 5 backlinks in each report.

13. Guest blogging

This technique is very effective and common. You can publish your quality content on blogs. In this way, you can get acquainted with bloggers who work in the fields related to you, and if they agree, they will put your backlink on their blog.

14. Choose a specific brand for your content.

Brand means reputable sites where you can place your articles, such as: BuzzFeed or Reddit. If you put your articles on these sites, your site traffic will increase because Google is very kind to these sites.

15. Interact with your users.

Be sure to reply when users comment on your posts. Of course, optimizing the site with this method requires attractive and user-friendly methods such as posting polls, questions, comments and hashtags. These tricks have a great impact on SEO.

16. Use a structured permalink .

No one likes addresses that are scattered and random letters and numbers. In addition, having a correct and structured url will increase your SEO score.

17. Be sure to include sharing options on your site.

Users help you visit your site by sharing your content on popular social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Link Dean.

18. Email Marketing

You can email your products or services to customers or other webmasters. Email marketing is one of the cheap and effective methods in external SEO and informs the user about the products he likes and comes to your site to buy them.

19. Send SMS (text) to customers.

This method is similar to the email marketing method, they only do this via SMS. Large and reputable sites such as Digikala use this method to both introduce new products to their customers and increase site traffic.

20. Repair broken links with your own pages.

In this technique, you can redirect your broken links to your updated 301 pages, or you can find broken links from other sites and suggest them to the administrators of those websites to replace your content. This technique reduces redirects and 404 pages.

The last word

No one denies the impact of external SEO on ranking the site in search engines. With different backlink methods and other techniques mentioned in this article, you can do your SEO .


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