“Forest: Stay focused 4.46.0 Mod Apk” Are you addicted to your mobile phone and you can not get rid of it for a moment? The Forest app is a great solution to help you quit your addiction. In this application, forest is available to you. You can plant a seed in the forest and give the seed 30 minutes to turn green. Of course, if you come to the phone while growing seeds and check your telegram , or visit Facebook, or if for a moment to your village in Clash of Clans Take a look, your tree will not grow and will disappear. With this wonderful mechanism, users will be eager to stay away from the phone and leave the habit of using the mobile phone after a while. This application is a suitable solution for Iranian users who have found a strange addiction to Telegram and can not tolerate a moment away from Telegram. Install the Jungle app and exit the Android Code page right now and plant the seeds of the trees and wait for them to turn green. After entering the application for a while, you will see what a large forest you have created.