Description of Hibernator Pro

Hibernator: Hibernate running apps & save battery
This software enables you to close all running programs and also prevent the programs from starting automatically. This software is very easy to use and can save battery power. , Save data as well as other functions.
Your phone maintains many applications running in the background, which consumes your system resources, draining the device’s battery and reducing the amount of memory available.


This software is a powerful Task Killer that stops various processes and prevents them from restarting.
It also speeds up your device because it stops background applications.
In addition, by freeing up and freeing up RAM, it optimizes your device’s memory and creates a convenient space for new applications.
By closing the program, the amount of battery consumption will be reduced and thus this software will increase the battery life. In addition, it should be said that closing the programs will reduce the temperature of the device and thus reduce the CPU consumption. Finds.