How To Prevent Your Mobile Phone From Being Hacked

Hacking a mobile phone is not impossible and is done in the simplest case by installing a spy and malicious application. But the main question is how to prevent phone hacking? In this article, we want to describe ways to prevent mobile phone hacking. So stay tuned with ModFreeFile .


If your phone is hacked and only its information is stolen by a profiteer, you may have many problems. Problems such as misuse of your business and personal emails, misuse of your bank accounts, misuse of your personal photos and videos, etc. can all be done in this situation. But how can we prevent our mobile phone from being hacked? In the continuation of this article, we want to introduce effective methods to prevent mobile phone hacking. So stay tuned with Mobile Help.

Prevent mobile phone hacking: Operating system update

One of the best ways you can prevent your mobile phone from being hacked is to update or keep the operating system up to date. Periodically updated updates for mobile phones (both Android and iOS) include many security changes that will naturally increase the security of the device and make it harder to penetrate. So always try to download and install these new updates on your phone. Many Android phone companies provide standalone security updates for their phone operating system separately, thus trying to create the best possible security mode. Therefore, one of the most effective ways to prevent mobile phone hacking is to update the operating system.


Prevent mobile phone hacking: Do not install suspicious applications

One of the simplest ways that hackers and hackers use to gain access to your personal information is to provide a malicious application and install it on your phone. Do not download suspicious and strange applications from the Internet and do not install them on your phone. Avoid even receiving suspicious apps from other friends and users. Installing malicious applications is one of the simplest methods that can lead to spying and so-called hacking of your phone. So be careful not to install suspicious and unknown applications on your phone.


Prevent mobile phone hacking: Download the app from Google Play and the App Store

To make sure that the applications you download are not malicious and spy and will not pose a risk of hacking your mobile phone, we recommend that you download only the applications you want from a reliable reference such as Google Play Store and App Store. In order for an application to be published in these sources, it must pass certain filters, therefore, the publication of spy and malicious applications in these sources will not be possible at least easily, and users can be sure of this issue of their desired applications from these sources. Download. So always download the apps you want to install on your phone from the Google Play Store and App Store.

Prevent mobile phone hacking: Check the applications installed on the device

In some cases, users will only pay attention to the applications that they want to install recently on the device and do not pay any attention to the applications that are installed on the phone! In many cases, applications that you have previously installed on the phone for any reason can be malicious and spyware. In order to prevent your mobile phone from being hacked, we recommend that you review the applications installed on your mobile phone at different and specific time periods and remove the suspicious items from the device very soon. So always try to be aware of the applications that are installed on your smartphone and always remove suspicious items from your phone.


Prevent mobile phone hacking: Password on apps

You can always make it harder and harder for a hacker to access your information. Encryption for important applications that are installed on your phone is one of these methods. For example, if you are exchanging important information with your e-mail, try to set a suitable password for it so that even if your phone is hacked directly, the hacker will need to go back through another layer of security to access your e-mail application information. Pass. You can do the same for other important applications on the device. Note that the more security layers your phone has, the more hackers will have to try to access your information, and this is in your best interest. So set a password for important applications on your phone.

Prevent mobile phone hacking: Disable automatic password and login saving capabilities

Internet browsers have special capabilities in order to be more efficient and to provide everything to their users in a simpler way. For example, features such as password saving or automatic login in your phone browser may make the device easier to use, but they can endanger your security! When you use these features, your passwords and usernames are automatically saved by the browser and written in the required fields by visiting each site, and even the browser may be automatically logged in. Imagine a profiteer and hacker can easily access the information of your various accounts on various sites! This can certainly cause you irreparable damage. So to prevent your mobile phone from being hacked, disable the browser’s password and auto-login capabilities.

Prevent mobile phone hacking: Do not connect to any Wi-Fi network!

Another simple way that hackers and hackers use to gain access to people’s phone information is to provide free Wi-Fi networks. If you care about security issues and do not want your phone data to be stolen, you should never connect to Wi-Fi networks that are free, unknown and unreliable. Connecting to these Wi-Fi networks can put your phone at risk of being hacked.

Prevent mobile phone hacking: Do not root or jailbreak the phone!

We accept that rooting Android phones and jailbreaking Apple iPhones can achieve very interesting and useful features, but rooting mobile phones and installing applications that require root access can be a dangerous action and lead to hacking. Be your mobile phone. The same is true for Apple iPhones and jailbreaks. To learn more about jailbreaking iPhones and rooting Android phones, read the two articles ” Training and comprehensive information about jailbreaking iPhones and iPads  and ” Rooting Android phones  . In almost 60% of cases where users’ phones are misused and their phones are hacked, the device is rooted or jailbroken, so be careful not to root or jailbreak your phone as much as possible.


Prevent mobile phone hacking: Use antivirus and firewall!

Installing a good antivirus and firewall can be another effective way to prevent your phone from being hacked. When a proper antivirus is installed on your phone, it scans various phone applications and quickly reports suspicious cases to you. So you can quickly detect suspicious applications on your phone and delete them if necessary. On the other hand, a firewall can specify which applications have access to the Internet. Naturally, the phone’s offline applications do not need to have access to the Internet, and if an application that does not need the Internet at all exchanges information in this case, it is suspicious and can be malicious. So by installing a good antivirus and firewall, you can largely prevent the mobile phone from being hacked and its information stolen. To read more about Android antivirus, read the article Comprehensive Guide Clear virus Android phones  pay.

Prevent mobile phone hacking: Be careful about accessing applications

All apps you download from the Google Play Store or App Store have specific access permissions. Developers of various applications will be required to specify access to publish their applications in these resources. Carefully studying these accesses can be one of the effective ways to prevent mobile phone hacking. For example, suppose you want to install a game on your phone, but its permissions say that you need to access the contact list information to run the game! It is quite clear that this issue will be suspicious because a game does not need to have access to your phone’s contact list at all! By carefully studying the access to the applications that you have installed on your phone, you can identify suspicious cases very quickly and prevent your phone from being hacked.

Prevent cell phone hacking: Use the Google Authenticator app!

Using Google Authenticator can provide you with a very good and reliable layer of security. With this program, users can create a new layer of security on their user accounts, which makes it more difficult or even impossible to hack different user accounts. Using the Google Authenticator app is another effective way to prevent cell phone hacking.



Prevent mobile phone hacking: Turn off the phone’s Bluetooth connection!

Turning on the phone’s Bluetooth connection and connecting the phone to other phones or gadgets this way can increase the risk of the device being hacked to some extent. Therefore, we recommend that you always turn off your phone’s Bluetooth capability as much as possible, or at least optimize its settings so that it will not be able to automatically connect to other gadgets and phones. One of the best ways to do this is to enable the Non-Discoverable option, which will enable your phone’s Bluetooth to be invisible to other gadgets around.


Prevent mobile phone hacking: Control the consumption of Internet applications

By controlling and tracking the internet usage of each application, you can also find out exactly whether the desired application has a destructive role in the device or not! Malicious spyware applications are usually constantly exchanging information in the background of the phone. That is why they have high internet consumption. Naturally, when an application does not need to exchange information around the Internet, but exchanges a lot of data in this way, it has a suspicious function and it is better to remove it from your phone immediately.

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