Idle Mafia Boss: Cosa Nostra – Mafia boss: Cosa Nostra is another fun and managerial clicker game in the style of simulation games for the Android operating system, which is free but with in-app payments by the German studio ALPHATIER Studios at Google The bridge has been released and is available to Android players around the world. For the first time among all Iranian sitesFarsroid has prepared, reviewed and introduced this game in two versions, normal and mod for you dear ones. Idle Mafia Boss: Cosa Nostra is the first official game of ALPHATIER studio, but as the first game, it should be said that the final result was very good because the developers of this game spent a lot of time reviewing similar games before they wanted to make this game. So that they can build a good and well-built game by following the example of other games and eliminating their weaknesses and focusing on their strengths, and it must be said that they succeeded in achieving this goal. Therefore, it can be said that in the game of Mafia boss, you are facing an interesting, fun, and completely managerial and strategic process; So it is better not to consider this game just a casual title and a clicker.




In Idle Mafia Boss: Cosa NostraThe story is about the famous New York mafia in the early 1930s. At that time, large mafia groups, the largest and most famous of which were the Italian Sicilian mafia groups known in the United States as the Cosa Nostra. In this game, you travel to New York in the 1930s and set up your secret and large organization in the role of a mafia boss. Everything starts from scratch, but with your efforts, this mafia grows stronger and bigger. Your goal is to take over all of New York and confront other similar groups for power. Big mafias like Al Capone or Lucio Luciano are present in this game and guide you in achieving your goals. In Idle Mafia Boss: Cosa Nostra, your goal is not just to capture New York, but to take power in other cities like Chicago. Play Idle Mafia Boss: Cosa Nostra is built entirely with the mechanics of Idle and Tycoon games, and you can earn more money just by spending money to upgrade various sections and expand your business with this money. Idle Mafia Boss: Cosa Nostra game is made with simple graphics and cartoon designs, and it must be said that the main focus of the game is on the gameplay process. If you are a fan of clicker style games and you are interested in mafia stories, do not miss the Mafia boss game and now the latest version with a modded version of the serversGet Mod Free File  and set up your mafia and gangster organization!



Game installation and running instructions:

– First, download and install the game installation file.

– Download the data file and decompress it. Copy the com.alphatier.idlemafia folder to Android / obb internal storage.

– Run the game.