know more about signal messenger, its security vs Whatsapp and Telegram

In this article we are discussing about what is signal messenger , its security and the comparison of signal application with whatsapp and Telegram . If you also want to know more about Signal Application , follow this article.

What is a signal messenger?

Signal is a free and secure text, audio and video messenger that can not only be used by your Android and iPhone phone, but also developed for PC. All you need to use this messenger is a phone number.

Signal application is a text messaging and voice messaging application; Signal is an encrypted platform that allows you to send messages and make calls over the Internet. The messenger also supports group chats and multi- person video calling . The main feature of the signal is the “focus on privacy” of users, and its privacy and security are regularly checked by independent experts.

Signal messaging features also include the ability form groups, use emojis or stickers similar to other apps. However, there is a big difference between a signal and other applications: The signal respects and protects your privacy.

Some features and capabilities of Signal Private Messenger application:

  • Have a secure connection thanks to the two-way encryption system
  • Very high speed in sending and receiving messages
  • Make high quality voice and video calls for free
  • Ability to create groups to better interact with other users
  • Send and receive file types to your friends in private chats or groups
  • Create custom notifications for the specific contacts you want
  • Internal image editing system before sharing photos
  • An open source project for anyone to monitor application code
  • Access to iOS and Windows versions
  • Respect for users’ privacy

Signal has become a hot topic these days, especially after WhatsApp announced a change in its policies and the world’s richest man, Ilan Mask, tweeted to users to use the signal. The tweet was also retweeted by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to get more attention from the messenger.

Signal security

Signal messengers use end-to-end encryption method, which eliminates the possibility of eavesdropping on conversations and spying on messages exchanged between the two parties, and as a result, no one, including the signal messaging company and providers can read your conversations. Telecommunications services do not have access to their content and only those present in the conversation can see its content. Even stickers have special cryptography.

Signal is a non-profit organization and does not seek profitability. This application has no ads and therefore has no incentive to track its users. This application is funded by private investors.

Signal messenger security is not limited to universal encryption, and you have access to other features as well. You can use the disappearing messages in this program and set a specific time for the messages to be deleted automatically.

In fact, the only data you provide to signal developers is a phone number, which the messenger is looking for a way to change and encrypt the contact servers. This way, when governments or organizations want to access users’ data, they have no data signal to provide.

Signal is a non-profit or non-profit organization, so it has no advertising department, which eliminates the need to track users. The organization is funded by investors who are interested in creating a secure, privacy-focused platform.

A small group of proponents of signal messaging privacy launched in 2013 and has expanded over the years. In 2018, WhatsApp founder Brian Acton donated $ 50 million to the messenger to create the Signal Foundation. Acton is one of the signal managers who left the messenger after selling WhatsApp to Facebook.

Comparison of signal messenger with WhatsApp and Telegram

Signal and WhatsApp use the same technology for global encryption, so the content of messages and calls remains personal in both. However, Facebook collects a lot more data in the form of usage statistics, metadata and more, and that can no longer be avoided.

Although Signal does not have various features such as WhatsApp and for example can not customize the background of conversations, but it has a much higher performance in terms of privacy and security.

In addition to the signal, there is also the Telegram messenger, which has nearly half a billion users . Nevertheless, Telegram is struggling with shortcomings in terms of signal. For example, by default chats in this messenger are not fully encrypted and there is no limit to the number of group members.

There is no management signal on the content of the groups but only 1000 people can join a group. In addition, the signal is more suitable for communicating with people you know than joining groups full of strangers.

How to install the signal?

The signal can be installed on smartphones running Android and iOS. This messenger also has a desktop version . All you have to do is enter the phone number to install the signal. Signal Private Messenger application with its special features and capabilities in the field of easy communication between users of smart devices has been published by its developer for free and has received a score of 4.6 out of 5.0 by users, which can be downloaded from the links given below:

Download Signal Messenger

You can use the signal on Android and iPhone phones, and to download it, you must go to the Play Store and App Store. If you are looking to download signal messenger for your Windows or Mac computer, go to this link

  • Signal
  • Price : Free
  • Manufacturer : Signal Foundation
  • Operating system : Android and iOS, windows
  • Size : 161/74 MB





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