Learn about the pros and cons of the Galaxy Buds Pro

Samsung’s new wireless headphones come with attractive features.

The Galaxy Buds Pro is Samsung’s latest wireless headphone that was recently introduced to the tech world with the Galaxy S21 family. If you follow the news in the world of technology, you know for sure that the first Galaxy Buds headphones were launched by the Korean brand about two years ago in collaboration with AKG . During these two years, Samsung engineers and designers spent a lot of time upgrading and developing this product, and finally, we saw the unveiling of the Galaxy Buds Pro.

High-quality sound, a special design language that makes it easier to fit inside the ear, and of course, the use of active noise canceling ( ANC ) technology has made the Galaxy Buds Pro a name for itself as a complete wireless headphone. And set foot. The following is the result of a week-long experience of using the Galaxy Buds Pro, the advantages and disadvantages of which are described and described in this way. Stay with us.

Advantage number one: having the ability to remove active noise

With the unveiling of the Galaxy Buds Pro , Samsung has shown that it can compete well with Sony and Bose products . This product is able to miraculously eliminate ambient noise and for this purpose, two modes, Low and High , have been considered. In everyday use, the Galaxy Buds Pro headphones are able to eliminate ambient noise and a variety of annoying noises, just like Sony’s WF-1000XM3 .

Of course, this product, like other competitors, is not able to eliminate all sounds with different frequencies. But in any case, the Galaxy Buds Pro has shown quite a brilliant and remarkable performance. The Wind Shield Mode feature allows you to eliminate all the sounds produced by the wind during a call and your voice will be clearly heard by your audience.

Advantage number two: Completely comfortable fit inside the ear for everyday use

I did not feel very comfortable with the Galaxy Buds Live, and after 15 minutes of use, the annoyances started. But in the case of the Galaxy Buds Pro, this is not the case at all. This product is certainly the most comfortable wireless headphones designed and offered by Samsung. This way you can safely hold it in your ear for hours.

Airbags have the ability to stop music automatically, so if you are listening to music and take one of them out of your ear, the music will stop playing automatically and then put it back in the ear , Playback starts automatically. The Transparency mode of the Galaxy Buds Pro is also very exciting. This feature can be adjusted in four different steps, so that the ambient sound is directed into your ear and you will not miss anything that happens around you.

Advantage number three: The perfect product for listening to music or talking

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro seems to be the best wireless headphones. Airbags send a very clear and wonderful sound to your ears, which is evidenced by the separation of the layers when listening to music. You have six equalizer modes by default, with which you can increase the pleasure of listening to music. Of course, it is not bad to know that there is no ability to personalize the equalizers, so you have to choose one of the six mentioned modes.

Unfortunately, there is no AptX in this area, but the codec provided by Samsung seems to be sufficient for a large number of users.

The three microphones located on each of the airbags convey your voice to the audience with good clarity and clarity, so that video calls can be easily made through the Zoom or Google Meet apps .

Advantage number four: Good battery life and wireless charging support

In terms of battery life, it’s not bad to know that the Galaxy Buds Pro can last you about 5 hours if you play music continuously. Of course, compared to the Galaxy Buds Plus, this performance is not so brilliant. But due to having a noise canceling system, this product will meet your needs. Of course, we must also count on the charging power of the Galaxy Buds Pro case.

Charging the airbags is quite easy. The case of this product can also be charged via both USB-C port and wireless technology. If you also use the latest Samsung flagships, you can put the Buddy Pro Galaxy case on it and use their wireless charging technology.

Finally, you should know that the charging case of these headphones is designed to be very compact and light, and you can easily carry it with you.

Advantage number five: IPX7 certification


Samsung has received IPX7 certification for the Galaxy Buds Pro . The latest wireless headphones produced by this brand were equipped with IPX2 or IPX4 certificates , which are less durable compared to the product mentioned in this article.

With IPX7 certification , airbags are capable of lasting about 30 minutes at a depth of one meter, giving athletes and swimmers a perfect fit. It is a great pleasure that the Koreans have succeeded in bringing this level of security to the owners of the Galaxy Buds Pro.

Negative number one: You will need a Samsung smartphone to enable the best features

The Galaxy Buds Pro has the ability to produce 360-degree virtual sound, which is an amazing feature. But to use this feature, provided that you use a Samsung smartphone with One UI 3.1 user interface . This means that only members of the Galaxy S21 family will be able to activate this feature.

The ability to easily switch between devices is another feature that only depends on the Samsung brand ecosystem. If you use the Galaxy Buds Pro to watch video on your tablet while your smartphone is on call, these wireless headphones are able to automatically switch between the two devices and hear the caller’s voice. . To take advantage of this feature, you must have a Samsung tablet or smartphone.

At the unveiling of the Galaxy Buds Pro, Samsung also unveiled a new creator mode that can sync the sound recorded through the microphone of these headphones with the video being recorded via the smartphone. This feature looks quite useful, attractive and practical. But to have it, you have to have a smartphone made by Samsung.

With all these interpretations, the Galaxy Buds Pro, as the best wireless headphones on the market, will meet all your needs. Especially if you use Samsung smartphones, do not hesitate to buy this product.


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