The extremely entertaining game “My Talking Tom” is one of the most popular titles on Google Play, which has been downloaded nearly 500 million times so far. This free title has been sent to Google Play by the game company Outfit7, and most of the company’s activities have been summarized in the same style. This extremely exciting game has managed to get an acceptable score of 4.5 out of 5.0 in the Google Play Store, which it is better to know that more than 12 million people have played a role in registering this score!

In My Talking Tom , you take on the responsibility of caring for a pet named Tom, who is nothing more than a cat, which is very tasty and at the same time sensitive. You need to take care of Tom in the best possible way to get proper nutrition, timely sleep and age-appropriate games. Tom is so charming and lovable that it does not take long for him to enter your personal life like a virtual member!

You can choose different clothes with different colors for Tom to make it more lovely. It is interesting to know that Tom imitates your voice through the microphone of the device and repeats every word you say like a parrot or Casco in his own tone. Do not forget that Tom is a member of your family!