Pocket Tanks is a strategy and nostalgic game developed by BlitWise Productions, LLC. It may not be such a fun game at first glance, but using its nostalgic and pixelated graphics, this game has been able to bring a very unique and memorable experience for its player. In this game you have to shoot at the target and destroy the target. This target may be an enemy behind hills and mountains, or it may be a human right in front of you. You may sometimes have challenges in your emotions and logic and get into trouble. These challenges and the different feeling that this game gives have made it one of the most popular games and it has an excellent score of 4.4 out of 5.0 on Google Play.


There are more than 95 weapons in this game, as well as artificial intelligence and robots and other items that make the game more character-building and challenge you more. These are the characteristics that make this game an addictive game because this game is never going to be repetitive or even predictable. Using two-dimensional graphics in this game has made you have a very good view of enemies and you will not need to guess to kill your enemies.

With more and more victories, you will receive points and coins to upgrade your power with the help of these gifts. Run this game without the need for an internet connection. So if you are waiting for a long day or you have a stressful job, download this game now so that not only you will not be bored anymore, but you will inject excitement and vitality into your life. This game will connect to Google Play to Upgrade your game world ranking by earning points.