After the introduction of a fun and interesting faceapp program that was well received by Android users. Now we are going to introduce another program for making funny and creative clips called REFACE: face swap videos. If you want to play like the world’s leading actors and celebrities in important and popular concerts and movies, all you have to do is have this small program. Then, taking a selfie of your face and face, place your head on the limbs of the actors and celebrities as if you were in their place.

Advanced sensors The program detects the members of your face and uses its advanced artificial intelligence to place your face and face in place of prominent actors or singers in a way that makes you look like the singer and the person in question in clips and videos. You have played. These attractive features have led to millions of downloads from Google Play in the short time since the release of this program. The way to work with the program is very simple and you just need to take different selfies to match it with popular characters and then make creative clips of yourself for a few minutes and share it on social networks such as Instagram . To increase the number of your followers and get more likes. To have the latest version of this interactive and fun program, just click on the download button at the bottom of the page.

Some features of REFACE: face swap videos

  • Entertain and amaze your friends and fans
  • Change your face to celebrities or movie characters
  • Use selfies to appear in overly realistic videos and clips
  • Share personalized videos and clips on messengers and social media.

Changes in version 1.22.0

Just checking in to say you’re awesome and deserve all the fixed bugs in the world.

Screenshots of REFACE: face swap videos

Mod Information

  • unlocked
  • features new

How to install REFACE: face swap videos

  1. Download The Mod Apk From the Link given below
  2. After your download, install the game in your device but keep in mind Remove the original game before installing the mod.
  3. After installing the game , Launch it
  4.  enjoy Mod Apk listed Above

Download Links

REFACE: face swap videos Mod Apk [22MB]