The story of the game Sky: Children of the LightIt is related to a dreamy and legendary land that is in the clouds. A land known as the Kingdom of Heaven. Anyone who travels to this land will be present there in the form of children of light. This land was the most beautiful and lively land in the world for centuries. A very large part of this beauty was due to the stars that were present around this land. But one day a divine test is considered for this land. The stars do not come out of this test because of their pride, and this issue causes the curse of this land! Now you have been responsible in the role of the children of light, whose duty is always to spread hope and life to the world, to follow the story behind the curtain of this tragic event and to find the spirits that are involved in this issue. You have to chase the lights during the game to determine the fate of this beautiful land that has now become an abandoned world and bring back the spirit of life to this land. Sky: Children of the Light is designed in RPG style. This game is completely an open world game and you can move around, run, jump over obstacles or even swim in the water in dreamy and imaginary lands, and the most interesting of all, with the help of spiritual wings. Fly in the sky! In Sky: Children of the Light, you have the task to follow the story line of the game with the main characters and complete the game missions to save this beautiful land. The designs of the game are completely 3D and the gameplay is very smooth. With the help of virtual controllers on the screen, you can look around in 360 degrees and move in any direction you want.Download Mod Free File  and start your dream adventure!

Additional notes:

  1. This game can only be installed on ARM64 devices with Android 8.0 and above.
  2. Please note that at the time of the release of this game, the version placed on Google Play is a demo and incomplete version, which is offered as the original and full version on many other sites. But please note that the version provided by Mod Free File is the complete version for developers, which is several times larger than the incomplete version. However, the game is still in beta and may not run properly on some devices.
  3. The game needs internet to run and send and receive information from the server.
  4. To open the game settings, tap on one of the four corners of the image and select the gear option from the top right.
  5. In the settings section, you can reduce or increase the graphics of the game.