How To Speed Up Your Android Phone Without Rooting

You can increase the speed of your Android phone by using various methods and tricks. But what are these methods? In this article, we are going to teach you how to increase the speed of your Android phone without the need for root. So stay tuned with Modfreefile.

An introduction to speeding up your Android phone

All phones slow down over time, and this is perfectly normal. Android phones are no exception, but the severity of the slowdown may vary from one phone to another. Generally, in low and mid-range phones, due to the weaker hardware platform, the slowdown will be more noticeable over time.

But did you know that there are many methods and tricks that you can use to increase the speed of your Android phone? In this article, we want to introduce you to some examples of the most practical ways to increase the speed of your Android phone without rooting your device. If you need more information about any of these methods, you can contact mobile experts for help.

Ways to speed up your Android phone: Manage your phone’s internal memory carefully

The internal memory of the phone plays a very important role in slowing down its performance. The fuller the memory of a phone, the slower it becomes. This is one of the main reasons why smartphones slow down over time, as over time the number of apps and games that you install on the phone or the photos you take with the camera increases and naturally more space. Will occupy the phone memory. So one of the main ways to speed up your Android phone is to carefully manage the device’s memory. Try deleting apps, games, photos, music, videos, and any files you do not need.

Ways to speed up your Android phone: Get rid of Bluetooth!

Some of the apps and games that are installed on your phone may take up a lot of RAM on the device and not lose their usability over time. These applications are called BloadWare. Installing these applications on the phone directly affects the speed of its operation. The more RAM you use, the slower the speed of the phone. So always try to identify Bluetooth viruses and prevent them from being installed on your Android phone.

Ways to speed up your Android phone: Clear the phone cache

As we mentioned before, filling the phone’s internal memory slows down its performance. In the meantime, the application cache is one of the issues that will lead to the occupation of the device’s internal memory. So removing the cache can be another way to speed up your Android phone. To remove the cache of your Android phone, enter the Settings menu and select the Storage option. Then you have to touch the Cached data option and delete the files stored in this section.

Ways to speed up your Android phone: Remove unnecessary widgets

Widgets are generally very useful and in addition to creating a unique look for the Android device, they make it easier for the user to access certain sections and information. But did you know that widgets can slow down the phone? Widgets take up part of the device’s RAM to be active, and as their number increases, more of the RAM will be occupied. This slows down the phone. So always try to speed up your Android phone to minimize the number of widgets you use.

Ways to speed up your Android phone: Limit Android animations and visual effects

You may not have noticed, but your Android phone offers special animations and visual effects. For example, when you enter the settings section, an animation is created to display the options in this section at high speed and the screen is dragged from the bottom up. Also, by pressing the Back button, the current page is dragged from top to bottom and then disappears. These animations are presented in different parts of Android phones and can be effective in slowing down the phone and increasing its battery consumption.


Fortunately, there is a way you can disable animations and visual effects without having to root the device. To do this, go to the Developer Options menu, which is normally hidden. To access this menu, use the tips that we provided in the article ” Developer Options Activation Tutorial and USB Debugging in Android “. After activating Developer Options, enter it and select the Windows Transition Scale option and consider the 0.0 option for it, so that the animations and visual effects of the phone are deactivated and you can see the speed of the Android phone increase.

Ways to increase the speed of your Android phone: Download and install phone updates

Official software updates that are released OTA for your Android device can play a very important role in increasing the speed of the phone. These updates will generally eliminate certain bugs and reduce battery consumption, and on the other hand will increase the speed of the phone. Therefore, installing updates can be another effective way to increase the speed of your Android phone.

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