The latest features of the signal application attract WhatsApp users

The latest features of the signal application attract WhatsApp users

By downloading Signal Messenger for iPhone and Android, a lot of new features will be presented to you in order to create a better user experience for you. The latest features of the Signal app, which has been added to this messenger in the latest updates, target WhatsApp migrating users.

The Signal app has been running since 2013 and came to light after the story of Edward Snowden, who leaked information about the US government’s spying activities. He said the program uses high security and encrypted messaging that makes it impossible for others to access the user’s content, but it still failed to attract many users and never became one of the most popular messengers.


While the title of the world’s most popular messenger went to WhatsApp last year, by changing the privacy policies of this program and sharing the user’s private information with third parties, many people started downloading the signal messenger, so that last week 100,000 new users were added to the app.

If you’ve been downloading and installing Signal in recent days, you’ve probably come across a very simple app that lacks many of Telegram or even WhatsApp features, and some of its trivial features don’t work very well. But fortunately, the signal developers have noticed the existing problems and by updating the signal, in addition to fixing the previous bugs, they have started adding new features. The Signal Messenger development team hopes to attract WhatsApp users by adding new features similar to those found on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has made changes to its privacy policies that force its users to agree to share their personal information with Facebook as WhatsApp’s parent company. That’s why many WhatsApp users have decided to leave this app.

The latest features of Signal application

Prior to this signal, it allowed its users to send encrypted messages and deleted messages that will be deleted after a certain period of time, but the latest trial version of this application has provided updates that make its signal popular in terms of capabilities. His opponent is close.

These changes were first discovered by WABetalnfo. The changes include features such as animated stickers and custom chat wallpapers. WhatsApp has recently released an update that showcased these features; But Signal has introduced several new applications that make it easier for users to leave WhatsApp and absorb the signal.

There is going to be a change in the Signal app that will be like the April 2020 update. This change, which increases the capabilities of the Signal application, increases the maximum number of users participating in a group call from five to eight.


Another change that is to be unveiled in the signal application is the low-power data mode, which reduces data consumption during calls. If this option was added to WhatsApp in 2014. Another change that is going to be added to the features of Signal application is the addition of a new custom status by users, this feature was also added to WhatsApp in June 2019.

WhatsApp has implemented a decision to delay the new policies for using its services, if this decision is a little late for people who want to leave the application instead of sharing their information with Facebook.

According to Tak Radar, Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram, called the number of WhatsApp users leaving the app the largest digital migration in human history. Given this, it can be understood that the signal wants to increase its share of this migration by adding more functional features.


The following is a list of new changes in the 5.2 signal update.

Manage how to download media such as videos and photos by going to Settings and then Data Usage

The number of characters allowed for group names has been increased in some languages, such as Hindi, to make it easier to choose a name. This feature has probably been applied to Persian as well.

Increase the number of people present in a video call from 5 to 8 people

Ability to share information from other applications to signal and send to friends

Create an optional shortcut to activate the group link

Ability to view attachments to messages without leaving the program

View the latest profile pictures of users. Of course, the ability to set a profile picture for the contact through your phone is still in place so that you do not have problems if you are used to the same procedure as before. To do this, you need to enter the photo you want in your mobile contacts application to be displayed in the signal.

Increase the quality and volume of submitted videos

Fixed an iPad bug for sending content from other apps to the signal

Fixed a bug to prevent WebP images from being sent to iOS 14 devices

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