Untold Mysteries gameLike almost all other similar games in this genre, it has mysterious and mysterious adventures. Unlike many games of the same category that only have one story, this game tells several different stories. All these stories are stories of characters trying to escape from unfortunate situations. For example, the first story is about a soldier who is captured by enemy forces in the middle of a war and on an important mission and taken to an unknown place. Now he has to escape from the new prison in which he has been captured, but this task has many challenges. He must strive not only for his life, but for a greater purpose. The next story is about a victim who has been taken to a strange land by an ancient spell and now he must try to save his life by solving the problem and removing the spell. The next story narrates a war-torn world after atomic attacks, where you, as the main character of the game, must try to survive in a post-future world. In this way, many challenges, puzzles and threats will block your way. The Untold Mysteries game, with its interesting stories and fascinating and exciting process, can entertain you for a long time and invite you to exciting challenges with various puzzles and riddles. If you are a fan of adventure and puzzle games, don’t miss the Untold Secrets game and download its latest version for free right now from Mod Free File Get the password and install it on your Android device.