Whatsapp New Policy Update Restores its Popularity and Security

Here we are explaning how Whatsapp New Policy Update Restores its Popularity and security

WhatsApp is trying to restore security and, of course, its popularity. About a month ago, news broke about WhatsApp’s new terms for increasing app security. Under the new rules, WhatsApp users had to agree to share their information with Facebook or be no longer allowed to use the WhatsApp application. Given that WhatsApp currently has the largest number of users among messengers, this news led many people to use other messaging applications. Although after a while more details of this news and the increase of WhatsApp security were released, but the use and popularity of WhatsApp application decreased significantly. A few weeks later, it was reported that Facebook and WhatsApp executives have now postponed this requirement and have recently implemented updates to increase the security and productivity of the program.

New ways for Facebook to increase WhatsApp security

WhatsApp New Policies

Previously, if you wanted to use the web or desktop version of WhatsApp, authentication was done only by scanning the QR code. This function provided relative security for the user, and if the user did not log out of the main application on the phone and from the web version or desktop, it would still be possible to access the web version in the absence of the user. But recently, this program wants to add biometric authentication to this platform in order to attract users and increase the level of security in this platform. This authentication is mandatory and the user must use fingerprint or face recognition to add a new device to their account.

New Facebook and WhatsApp policies

New authentication methods in WhatsApp Messenger

Perhaps before this news, few people noticed that WhatsApp belongs to Facebook and the relative security of Facebook Messenger and the program itself has been criticized many times. But after the news of the change in the privacy of WhatsApp users, and the fact that users should provide more information about their privacy to the company, a wave of criticism and attention to this issue intensified. There has been a lot of news that Facebook intends to use this information of users for use in advertising. Although none of these rumors and news were proven, a large number of users were still attracted to other messengers. Signal messenger has received more attention in the meantime, and news about the strengths and positive features of this program is heard day by day.

New authentication methods in WhatsApp Messenger

Now, however, amid controversy over Facebook’s privacy policies as a WhatsApp owner, WhatsApp is reassuring its users that their biometric authentication information will be stored on the user’s own phone. WhatsApp will not allow you to access or share users’ privacy information with any other company or individual. Biometric authentication using face or fingerprint recognition along with changes to the mobile version of WhatsApp Web will be added to this message within the next few days. In general, this new security feature is designed with the goal that when a person is away from his computer, the possibility of abusing people on the spot or connecting a person to a device other than a mobile phone for authentication is minimized. Both QR code scanning and fingerprint authentication or face recognition will be mandatory.

Ability to transfer chats from WhatsApp to Telegram

Meanwhile, Telegram, which was very popular before WhatsApp, has announced that in its new update, it will be possible to transfer chats from WhatsApp to Telegram. In the new update of Telegram, the ability to transfer chats from other messengers to Telegram has become possible. But in the meantime, and considering the recent WhatsApp news and margins, this issue seemed more attractive to WhatsApp users.

Ability to transfer chats from WhatsApp to Telegram

In any case, if you use Telegram, in the new update of this program, you can transfer your chats from WhatsApp messenger to Telegram through the following steps:

  • First, open WhatsApp and enter the desired chat page
  • Click on the three dots at the top of the screen. Select More from the menu that opens.
  • In this step, select the Export Chat option
  • You can now see a small page with two options: Without Media and Include Media. Choose one of them. The option includes media, because transferring photos, videos and documents, requires more transfer time and takes up more space.
  • Select Telegram from the share menu in the suggested options. At this stage, you also select the contact to whom you want the chats to be transferred.
  • After selecting the desired contact, you will see a request to enter the chat, which you must click on the import option to make this transfer.

Initially, this transfer was only possible for iOS and iPhone , but in recent days, chats from WhatsApp to Telegram can also be transferred to the Android operating system.

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